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The Foundation for Mathematic Achievement.

CHRIST ABACUS ACADEMY teaches basic arithmetic to 5-14 year-old children. The focus of the class is our innovative Abacus Methodology. Using this tool & fingers, your child will learn how to visualize numbers, so that they can quickly perform mental arithmetic that ordinary children can’t even do on paper.

The visualization facilitated by the abacus triggers the right hemisphere of your child’s brain. While often ignored in traditional teaching methods, it’s our right brains that supercharge our capacity to learn and perform calculations with both speed and accuracy.

The Abacus method of arithmetic calculation fits seamlessly into their school curriculum, and will give your child a significant advantage of their peers.

An Early Start.

A Lifetime of Achievement.

The Abacus method is based on our unique understanding of how a child’s brain learns and develops. Our brains have two hemispheres – the left and right – and each performs different functions. The left hemisphere is our logical side and is responsible for language, analysis, numeracy, theory and deduction. The right hemisphere is our creative side and manages perception, emotion, imagination and intuition.

Unfortunately, most children use one side more than the other, and this lack of integration which can stunt their academic growth. The Abacus Mental Math systems help to integrate the right left hemispheres of your child’s brain.

And when your child masters this left/right brain harmony, they’ll rise to a level of performance far beyond that of their peers.



A Head Start That Lasts a Lifetime

Between the ages of 5 to 14, children experience a rapid change in both their mental and cognitive skills. They can now think more logically and reason through math and language problems. And with this comes the ability to manipulate and interpret symbols, think visually and develop greater focus and attention spans.

Whole-Brain Thinking for Maximum Achievement

Abacus programs help your child to use both the left and right hemispheres of their brain. This “whole brain thinking” stimulates creativity and unlocks a treasure chest of mental capacity that conventional methods cannot access. As a result, your child will be able to perform calculations with speed and accuracy and comprehend at a level far beyond their peers.

Give Your Child an Early Advantage

Christ Abacus Academy introduces your child to our renowned Mind Math method. Using the ancient tool of the abacus as our primary teaching method, children learn to visualize numbers and perform complex calculations with speed and accuracy. 5-7 year old children are also introduced to reading and writing, where they’ll learn alphabets, simple words and stories, and vocabulary.